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A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought

A trip in randomness

I lost it...
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I love CSI and am a G/S shipper. Geeklove forever!!!! Greg (from CSI) is the funniest character in primetime. I also like to watch British television. I suggest you all start watching it (it is refering to British televison) now.

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Date Created:2005-11-12
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I live in New Zealand but spent a big part of my life in Canada. I'm not the most interesting person in the world, I like CSI and most other crime shows such as Bones and well I can't think of others. Geeklove is canon! All hail canon!
Strengths: CSI knowledge, Star Trek knowledge (I know a lot about this show) my interesting sense of humor, CSI knowledge...
Weaknesses: CSI knowledge, I tend to ramble about it.
Special Skills: CSI knowledge, that's probably about it.
Weapons: CSI knowledge, the raised eyebrow.
CSIness: CSI is the greatest show ever. I heart it soooo much. I won’t ramble too much. Grissom and Sara are love. Bobby Dawson, Archie, and Greg are hott!

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